In Defense of Low Fat: A Call for Some Evolution of Thought (Part 1)

Denise Minger

Not a typo.

Not April Fool’s Day.

Not a spontaneous and mystical possession by the spirit of George McGovern.

Not even a social experiment to see how many people I can get to unsubscribe from this blog in the span of a day (PLEASE STAY, I LOVE YOU).

Maybe a little bit of this, though:


Oh, Homer!

Over a year ago, I gave a presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium called “Lessons From the Vegans: What the Paleo Movement Can Learn From the Success of Plant-Based Diets.” In retrospect, I probably should’ve called it “Lessons from the Low-Fatters: What the Paleo Movement Can Learn from the Success of People Who Eat Ridiculous Amounts of Carbs and Don’t Keel Over,” but that was too long for the conference brochure. And for my verbally dyslexic mouth. And also, I didn’t know it was really going to be about fat until I fell…

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David Koch inte…

David Koch intends to cure cancer in his lifetime and remake American politics. The first is a good thing, but the latter as presently envisaged is evil and counter-productive. “His passion for fighting cancer dates back to 1992. That year, while treating him for injuries from a plane crash, doctors discovered Koch had advanced prostate cancer.” “I really thought I was going to die,” he recalls.

Ronald W. Gumbs, the author of this blog intends to demonstrate that cancer can be prevented in his lifetime. Like David Koch, he supports that promote individual liberty and free market principles. He supports gay marriage and stem-cell research. Unlike Mr. Koch, he voted for Barack Obama and favors the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Koch is skeptical about anthropogenic Global Warming, and thinks a warmer planet would be good because “[t]he Earth will be able to support enormously more people because a far greater land area will be available to produce food”.

Koch has contributed: $41 million to the PCF, including $5 million to a collaborative project in the field of nanotechnology; In 2007, $100 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help fund the construction of a new 350,000-square-foot (33,000 m2) research and technology facility to serve as the home of the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research; $20 million to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. $30 million to the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center in New York; $25 million to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to establish the David Koch Center for Applied Research in Genitourinary Cancers; $15 million to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center; $5 million to the House Ear Institute, in Los Angeles, to create a center for hearing restoration; and $25 million to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

Dr. Gumbs, shown on the left below, is working on a predictive model for estimating risk and incidence of prostate cancer. His work is internally funded and based on a plant-based diet and exercise. It is a result of his emphasis on integrative medicinal chemistry and his personal crusade to remain cancer-free for the rest of his life. Incidentally, he believes that global warming is taking place and it is cause by industrial processes, including the burning of fossil fuels.!/pages/Ronald-W-Gumbs-Inc/186466338061644

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Tax Me and the Other Pigs on Wall Street

As a daytrader of stocks and derivatives, I would like to suggest that the IRS could collect $1 trillion dollars per year if Congress passed and the President sign a bill to tax the total gross proceeds from all broker and barter transactions at 0.1%. The fee could help to reduce the budget deficit and national debt. Don’t you agree?

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